How To Keep Fit In A Busy Life

Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither will be your healthy body. Keeping yourself trim and toned takes a certain amount of work and dedication. However, when a busy lifestyle takes too many hours out of your day, you have to use wise and tactical planning to get the body you want. Never say no to making yourself the best you can be, but rather apply some guerrilla warfare to your diet and exercise program for the slim and sleek you that’s waiting to break free.

Home Aerobics Workouts

You do not need a costly gym membership to tighten and tone your muscles and you should never rely on an aerobics class to kick start your heart. Take initiative and get the job done at home in small increments of fifteen to thirty minutes at a time. The body responds to short workouts just as well as taking a two hour session at the gym, so get to work and whack the fat. Aerobics can be done in your living room or backyard to achieve the same or greater results you would get from a class. Put on your favorite music to sweat and burn the fat and the time will pass like lightning. If you need some structure and order, there are plenty of home aerobics DVDs that will help you stay motivated and committed.

Home Muscle Pumping

The market is flooded with quality and low cost home gym equipment to sculpt an entire body or target a specific muscle group. Check online for the best bargain deals and invest into yourself with a few pieces of home gym equipment. From simple dumbbells to door suspended total body workouts, you can find the right equipment to meet and exceed your fitness goals for a fraction of the cost of joining a gym. Taking you own initiative is one giant step forward on how to keep fit in a busy life.

Timing and Scheduling

Some people can’t shake the sorry excuse that they do not have time to exercise and improve their well being. For the most part, this is a false assumption used to excuse lethargic behavior. We all have the same amount of hours in the day, with the difference between a fit person and a sluggish one being how we use our time. If you have a television in your home, be honest about how many hours you plunk yourself down in front of it. Time better spent is to invest into yourself for a healthy body that will not only add years to your life, but will add life to your years.

Watch Your Diet

Food in itself does not make us fat; fat makes us fat and therefore should be restricted from a healthy diet. To increase your energy level and gain a sense of fullness and satisfaction, be sure to load up on fresh fruits and vegetable either by eating them off your plate or tossing them into a juicer. Small diet modifications, such as switching to brown rice instead of white rice will add carbs to your diet for powering up without bloating your stomach and filling you out. Instead of butter on your whole grain toast, try a tasty sugar-free jam or add a dash of natural honey. Every bite we consume matters, so be sure to make a good judgment call for every meal of the day. If you slip now and again with a sweet treat, just get back on the discipline before the sugar binge becomes a habit.

You are special to yourself and a whole lot of people around you, so it makes good sense to look after your health and appearance. If you take care of your body, it will take care of you and allow you to do everything in life that you always wanted to try. From weekend sports to Saturday night dance halls, a slimmer, trimmer you is the way it ought to be.

Untold Secrets of a Quality Business Life Coach Exposed

As a business life coach I have discovered that creating any success for my clients all starts from within first, which I refer to as being your life master. Being your life master is about having total clarity of your goals and outcomes but in essence it is to create a life for yourself and create a life for others.

By asking these two self-exploration questions you will begin your journey on fulfilling this.

1 – What Will I Do To Add Value To My Life?

2 – What Will I Do To Add Value To Other Lives?

A quote by a great author Kenneth D. Foster below explains why it is so important of being your life master now:

Your Life cannot be repeated. It is now or never, so find out who you are, what your heart longs to achieve, and then sail away from safe harbors and explore your greatest dreams

Firstly, by being clear on YOU (what I refer to as your Significantly Special Being), is the start of creating a life for yourself. You want to seek firstly what truly fulfills you and understand the reasons why? Clients would ask my how and where do I start? What I always say to them is, by asking some self-exploration questions you will begin to discover what truly fulfills you such as:

– What do you believe your life is all about?
– What makes you unique?
– What are your greatest talents, skills and abilities?
– What would you be doing in your life if you know you absolutely could not fail?
– What is the greatest dream you can imagine accomplishing in your life?

As a great mentor and a very good friend Darren Stephens quotes:

“The ability to be successful on the inside first is what truly brings outer success, wealth and abundance to your Life”

Secondly, by having the compassion to help more people live an incredible life and be able to contribute to their lives will create unlimited success. This is very critical to becoming your Life Master and you will discover that besides your loving family, this is also what gives you true fulfillment. Now, to manifest this you want to seek firstly what truly fulfills others and really be able to understand how to help them in their unique way.

As what I always say: Seek First to Understand, to Contribute

In addition to this another Life Master who is a mentor of many and close friend Spike Humer once said:

“Once you know whats important to you and who is important to you, the key to success in business and in life is to learn what makes you both feel important and valued, then do it with all your might.”

I will have more sharing to come about Life Master and its components of Life Formula, Life Outcome and Life Accelerator. I truly hoped you have loved the brief introduction and discovered some the secrets of what a quality Business Coach can offer to your success and to your clients success in any offline or online businesses.

Business Life Insurance 18 – Understanding the Statement of Retained Earnings and Cash Flow

Beside understand what is business insurance and business life insurance are important that people own a business understand , so they can protect their business in case of any unforeseen event happened causing hardship to the business owner and their family such as business store burned down one day, if you don’t carry insurance, you would endured some hard times after that. Understand operations of the company also equally important for a successful business. In this article ,we will try to discuss what is the statement of retain earning? and cash flow of the company.

Statement of retain earning is the accumulated of that portion of the shareholders equity derived from a profitable operation since the corporation stared it business.

I.There are two ways to express a Statement of Retained Earnings.

1. Retained earnings (end of year)= retained earnings (beginning of the year)+income for the year- dividends

2. Year end retained earnings= income (for the year)-dividends+ earnings retained (during the year)+ previous year balance

Total accumulated retained earnings does not normally reflect a cash position, but reflects the value of equipment, machinery or inventory and other assets. Instead of paying out all revenue each year as received in salaries or bonuses, a portion is retained to replace equipment and inventory and to finance expansion.

II.Cash Flow
Cash Flow is best expressed and understood in terms of inflow and outflow of cash.

1. Inflow

Inflow is the amount of cash that the company earned, such as additional sales, new investments and new borrowing.

2. Outflow

outflow is the cash that the company has expended in a period of time and it can be controlled by the timing of payments, replacing of equipment or postponing hiring and expansions.

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