Tips on How to Keep Fit in a Busy Life

Staying fit can be really hard when you have a busy lifestyle. Because being in shape and healthy is important for your future, you need to learn how to include healthy foods and activities into your schedule. Here are some tips on how to keep fit in a busy life.

Exercising regularly as well as eating the right kinds of foods for our bodies can significantly improve your health. To keep your body performing the way it should, you need to keep your body moving. For a long and healthy lifespan, we need to constantly be taking care of our mind, bones and muscles. It is sad to see older people so weak and suffering from ailments caused from improper treatment of their bodies during their lives.

It can be tough to find the time to do what it takes to have a healthy lifestyle. Most people are too busy with their work and families to find time to fit it in. If you try hard enough, you can find the time. Below are some tips on how to keep fit in a busy life.

1. Find Time- One of the most popular excuses for not working out or eating healthy is that there is not enough time in the day. If you take a look at your schedule for the week, you will most certainly be able to find at least a few gaps to fit in some exercising. The great thing is that you only need small time frames. A quick 20-30 minutes a day can go a long way in improving your health.

2. Find Motivation- Finding a way to motivate yourself can really help you get into the mood of working out and eating healthy. For some, motivation comes in the form of feeling better. For others, it might be to fit into an old pair of jeans that you have not been able to wear in a long time. Take some time to find something that motivates you and it will be much easier to learn how to keep fit in a busy life.

3. Have Fun- Doing the same old boring exercise routines will put you on the fast track to quitting. It is a good idea to always be trying out new activities. Instead of going to the gym, try participating in some sports activities or going swimming. Most of these activities can burn a lot of calories and you won’t even feel as though you are working out!

4. Make Each Minute Count- For some, they can spend a whole hour on an exercise bike or a treadmill while reading or watching TV comfortably. This is not the best way to exercise. Exercising should take you out of your comfort zone. It is better to work out hard for 30 minutes than to slowly walk on the treadmill for an hour.

5. Get A Check Up- Before you get into your new healthy lifestyle, it is a good idea to get a full check up from your doctor. This will let you know your limitations when you start to work out. You want to be able to push yourself without injuring yourself in the process. Also, take time to fully stretch before and after your workouts.

6. Plan Ahead For Healthy Meals- Eating healthy can be hard. Everywhere you go, there is fattening and unhealthy food right at your fingertips. The best way to make sure that you eat healthy is by planning your meals ahead of time. If you work, make your lunch in the morning or the night before so that you will not be tempted into going out to lunch and getting something to eat that you will regret.

It can be really hard trying to stay healthy in today’s society. With a little bit of hard work and knowledge, you can learn how to keep fit in a busy life.

How Conscious Are You in Your Business Life?

“Final Notification” it said on the outside of the envelope, with the words in all caps and red letters.

Plus, “final” was underscored.

It may surprise you to hear that the response was a sigh of relief.

How come, you ask?

The envelope contained a sales pitch from a life insurance company with which there had been no previous dealings, just lots of mailings from them over the years.

Did “Final Notification” mean the pitches were at last to stop? How wonderful!

Every kind of tactic under the Sun is employed these days to get us to buy something we may not want and might well be better without.

It seems that using manipulation is how just about everybody in the corporate world believes we have to do business if we are to succeed.

What a world of difference there is when, if we have something we believe might be valuable to others-quite different from something we concocted just to make money-we simply put it out there with no more enticement than factual information, merely letting people know what we have to offer and how it might benefit them.

When Presence guides us, no manipulation is required.

If we wish to be conscious in our business life, it’s worth asking whether our “marketing” of ourselves is simply letting people know of a product or service, or whether it’s trying any which way we can to get them to buy.

Consciousness dictates that there’s a much better way than our world’s current deceptive tactics. It’s simply a matter of showing up, making our statement, and then allowing people the freedom to make their choice.

How different the business world would be if this were how everyone functioned.

It’s also the case that many of us wouldn’t have lost so many friends who bought into various forms of marketing and did their utmost to persuade us that this was also the way for us to make a killing.

It’s always fascinating how schemes of this sort, which for a select number do bring in a great deal of money, tout how it will be possible to laze around the swimming pool drinking cocktails instead of going to an office or factory each day.

Is our goal in life to get rich so we can do nothing? In which case we are missing what life is all about.

In our working life, are we coming from consciousness, showing up to serve humanity? Or are we coming from narcissism and greed?

Life isn’t about taking it easy and making money. Life is about being true to who we are-which may or may not provide us with an abundance of material comforts.

As a wise person said once, our life doesn’t consist of the number of possessions we have. And if we already have a big barn that’s full, but there’s still so much more coming to us, the smart thing isn’t to build a bigger barn so we can hoard, but to share.

If greed weren’t driving so much of modern business but rather a desire to contribute our gifts for the common good, one in every seven Americans wouldn’t be living in poverty today-let alone all the poverty that stalks less economically fortunate parts of the planet.

If money and “success” weren’t our motivators, but the desire to express who we are as the self-manifestation of universal consciousness, we wouldn’t be asking what the “going rate” of pay for a job is so we can pay as little as possible. Instead of trying to see how little we can get away with remunerating our employees, we’d be asking ourselves how much we can afford to reward them.

If serving and caring and loving were our approach, we’d be living in a world with no poverty, little crime, and prosperity everywhere.

It’s time to call “Final Notification” on the kind of approach to business and work that isn’t about serving others, only about serving ourselves.

From Entrepreneur to Author to Global Publisher and International Business Life Coach

Entrepreneur, Author, Global Publisher, Business Life Coach and self-made multi-millionaire and Father of 7 wonderful children, Darren Stephens quotes:

“Trust Your Intuition – It Guides and Protects Your Soul”

From entrepreneur to global publisher…

So how did he devise this unique publishing model?

Well, the short answer to that is he has a long and varied entrepreneurial history that he was able to draw on.

Darren is a true entrepreneur with years of experience and results to prove it. He is self-made multi-millionaire and is a seasoned business executive entrepreneur, growth strategist, speaker, business life coach and an international best selling author.

Darren was the founder and International chairman of Mars Venus Coaching, one of the worlds most respected and leading brands.

He is also International Franchise Director of the worlds No 1 eBay education company Bidding Buzz Global Limited with offices in 11 countries including Australia, Italy France, Singapore, Hong Kong, UK and North America.

He’s recognized as an expert in the fields of Business Development, Sales & Marketing, Executive Mentoring, Franchising, International Publishing, Self-Development & Accelerated Psychological Transformation.

For more than 20 years, Darren has traveled, speaking to and motivating thousands of people in over 27 countries on how to create business, personal and financial success.

He lives in Melbourne, Australia with his wife Jackie and their 7 children.

So you could say he is a Life Master for business and the publishing industry. And somehow his wife Jackie and himself was able to juggle all this while raising sevens kids. (No, this is not a misprint. They really have seven kids)

But during his long and varied business career, he noticed that a lot of first-time authors make big mistakes that often see them stuck with shed full of books they can’t even give away. In his book Our Internet Secrets, he will show you how to avoid them.

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